If you are looking for a refined and efficient flow of new clients into your financial services business, we are here to deliver.

Client acquisition. Boutique approach. Best in class results.

In a world of consumer branding, financial advice is bereft of household names. Consumers instead search for advice and often rely on instinct or internet directory websites to select an appropriate service provider. Inzuzo makes the consumer journey easier and safer, guiding them to advisors who actively want to engage with them. Post RDR and Pension Freedoms, advisory firms have become less generalist and more risk averse. This makes it more difficult for firms to isolate and attract suitable clients and clients to identify suitable advice providers.

By working with a selected, hand-picked panel, Inzuzo can work closely with partner firms to understand their target consumer and provide consumers with a seamless journey to the advice they may need. We attract consumers who are actively seeking advice and introduce them to financial advice firms who are looking for clients like them.

The benefits are that advisory firms waste less money and time resources on client acquisition, than is typical in traditional web-lead purchase scenarios. Consumers feel confident and empowered in their initial enquiry, better informed and as a result more receptive to the advice they’re given, to the benefit of all.

Our end-to-end service gives us visibility of what works. Two way feedback between Inzuzo and partner firms allows us to anticipate, identify and take advantage of emerging trends in the marketplace. Access to thousands of consumer enquiries per month allows us an unrivaled picture of consumer opinion, needs and concerns. In turn this knowledge can be used to develop benchmarks that inform our partners where there are strengths and weaknesses.

Concentrating on what works and reducing investment in what doesn’t, keeps us lean and focused on providing full value to all stakeholders at all times.

Market intelligence. Cooperation. Refinement.

Who better to tell you how you’re doing than your clients? Except, clients see your vested interest and may embellish or reduce their feedback to their own advantage. Inzuzo can provide bespoke feedback loops to give you a real picture of your appeal, in the words of your own clients and prospects. We are more likely to receive a frank and full account from consumers, in our impartial position. You can receive a real insight into how you are perceived by your new and prospective clients.

We work with partners to design and deliver real insights and improvement.

Customer service. Impartial. Effective

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